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Another Year - Another Survey

Its almost the end of the year so here's the usual survey at a new location if you want to fill it out;

The 2013 Furry Poll

Who want's it

This community has lost pretty much all of it's activity, not sure if there is alternate LJ though I know there is FB. Though its full of so much "drama", anyway does anyone want to partner and see if we can do anything with this, or shall I go ahead and toss it into archive mode with no further posting?

The advantage is for those of you early to the draw, this is currently an ad-free community provided you hadn't plussed your account. The disadvantage is well it not a naturally associated name and I don't see anyone active on it.

If interested respond or send me a message otherwise I am going to archive it in about a month.

Phoenix ComiCon this Weekend

Anyfur going to this event? If you want to connect up get a hold of me. While not geared specifically to the fandom, Phoenix ComiCon does have an entire track devoted to CosPlay and a great masquerade, last year [Wicker] won some top honors.

ZonieCon Returns!

Arizona's original furcon is back for more, with guests of honor Steve Addlesee, Kjartan Arnorsson, and Mitch Beiro!


Attention Poker Players!

As some of you know, there is a small group of Arizona furries who semi-regularly play low-stakes poker. We are seeking new players for an upcoming game.

Details: The game takes place at a furry residence in the West Valley. We usually play $0.05/$0.10 stakes, with a first buy in anywhere between $2 and $10. We usually play No Limit Hold'Em, with occassional Stud games and Omaha thrown into the mix. If you don't know how to play the other games, don't worry! We'd be happy to teach you!

Sound like something you'd like to try? Comment here for more details. :)

Phoenix's Comicon

Greetings folks, I noticed a couple fur-suiters (and plenty of Cosplayers) at Phoenix ComiCon , wondering if any of them might also be on the LJ.

Pokémon Video Game Tournament Meet-Up

What: The Pokemon Southwest Regional Championship (Phoenix -PokeFur- Meet-Up)
When: Saturday May 22!
Time: 10:00AM-3pm
Where: Phoenix Convention Center North Hallway A (3rd Floor)

Just a chance to catch the light-rail, meet some folks socialize, draw, play games.

** EDIT 2010-05-23 **
Event Over so Pictures Removed! Thanks for attending!


I would like to start an art-based fur meet here in central phoenix :)
It will be a little 3 hour meet, held from 9 to midnight on either Fridays or Saturdays.
You can come as long as you are on your best behavior and you may bring friends.
I only ask that you would all have something constructive to work on,
whether it be drawings, writings or even a board game or something.
I figure the meet would be fun for the creative furs to kinda hang out and
share some creative juices and maybe some burgers, fries and sodas :)

I will disclose location later, for now, let me know who is interested :)
*please don't comment if you don't live in the Greater Phoenix area
and or don't plan on coming*

I posted the link here also for you to comment more directly to me there :)


Greetings folks and furs, this weekend on Saturday May 22nd is the Pokemon Regional Tournament at Phoenix Civic Center (North Hall A). I think this might make a good place to gather and I know there are a descent amount of furries that like Pokemon.

The location is practically off the light rail. This is is a free event sponsored by the Pokemon company and those of you with the latest version (HeartGold or Soulsilver) can get a free Shiny Eevee. More details can be found at Pokemon VG Tournamenet

I'd love to meet some folks at this event (young or old), I'll even don my ol Labcoat (and bring cards) to try and stand out. Maybe I'll have a carry a sign Phoenix Pokefurs or something! I spoke to the event coordinator, and he suggested looking over the convention area and picking a spot to meet. At 11:00 AM I am thinking of going to lunch with some other folks that will be there.

Anyway if you're interested in connecting up say something here or send me a note, and I'll get you my number and contact information!

New Format!

It's been quite some time since this LJ has had any serious revisions, and I want it to become more useful and used. After checking out other LJ and trying some stuff I introduce you the new version of phoenixphurs.

I hope you like it, but if you have suggestions and improvement please pass them on!

This LJ need a 106x700 banner and I am not sure if someone would care to volunteer one. I'd love it to show the diversity of Phoenix Furries and the commons bonds we share. So have some ideas or submissions contact me. Thanks!